Women Build Partners

Women Build is an event where women from all walks of life come together to build stronger, safer communities. 

We had a fantastic turnout at this year’s Women Build event on Saturday, May 5 and raised over $10,000 to change lives!  Thank you for your support and we hope to see you at the next one!  

Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build event provides the opportunity for women to take a proactive step in serving our community. Though our neighborhoods are comprised largely of women and children, they are also the population’s most likely to be affected by poor living conditions.

Any woman who wants to help build a Habitat home is invited to join us. No experience is necessary. Whether you are learning new skills or simply adding a few to your tool belt, this is a rewarding experience for all involved, and is a a hands-on positive experience to help improve the community that you share.

Women Build is also a terrific way to involve your friends and family of all ages in crucial work with a lasting impact. Women helping women sends a positive and powerful message. This one day event provides everyone the opportunity to learn new skills, make new friends and raise funds to build new homes. Women working alongside other women provides an atmosphere that is  both collaborative and supportive. 

If you would like to be put on our contact list for the next Women Build event, please contact:

Rebecca Maier