Warm greetings to our partners and friends!

HFH Nepal is grateful for your support of our mission of eliminating poverty housing and homelessness from Nepal. Your tithe and encouragement helps motivate us to serve more families.

I would like to reflect the activities of HFH Nepal and its role as a catalyst to improve the housing situation in Nepal.

Female headed family strengthening project: Our female headed family strengthening project has improved the livelihood opportunities of many female-headed families through their participation in income generating activities. Today, females from different communities are strong enough to speak out their hidden voices.
Ex Kamaiyas Project: The attempt to eliminate the anti-slavery system of Nepal through this project has improved the living status of bonded laborers through trainings on healthy living as well as income generating activities. 113 families who took part in the first phase of the project are now saving toward building houses made of cost-effective and environmentally friendly materials.

Global Village Volunteers: Volunteers are the indispensable part of HFH Nepal. We genuinely appreciate the diligent work of every volunteer who has contributed precious time and sweat to be a part of our build. Their hard work and leadership has unlocked many smiles in the lives of the families who have always been seeking for a decent place to live. At the present stage, thousands of families are living under decent roofs constructed by the Global Village volunteers.

Everest Build: The Everest Builds have brought many people together to draw the attention towards housing situation of Nepal and take vital step towards creating a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Both Everest Builds I and II were huge successes for HFH Nepal, through which it mobilized more than 450 international volunteers and 200 national volunteers to build houses and dreams of the families. Following the success of previous builds, we would like to let you know, this November HFH Nepal will be organizing Everest Build III at Nepal’s Chitwan, the “Heart of the Jungle,” with the aim of involving the participation of 1000 international and 1000 national volunteers. Everest Build III will not only fulfil the dreams of the families by constructing shelter, it will also help to reduce the number of people living in poverty housing from Nepal.

100,000 Housing Campaign: 100,000 housing campaign has joined many hands together to build homes, communities and hopes by building and improving houses. This campaign has enabled people to know about the importance of decent shelter, plus it has created an awareness about the  use of locally available resources in cost effective way. Moreover, we aim to provide 100,000 houses in Nepal by 2016 with the vision of launching another campaign that will improve 33% of housing deficit.

Meet a HFH Nepal Family: Girja Devi and her family lived in a traditional Tharu house with thatched roof, mud floor and walls plastered with mud. The partition in the middle of the room, which separated the kitchen from the sleeping space, was made of mud on which they laid the hay. Girja Devi slept inside the house with the children while her husband slept in the veranda. Since the mud stove kitchen was nearby the bedroom and the house had only one door and inadequate ventilation, the family had constant health problems. Because of the small space for a big family, the house remained unhygienic. Whenever guests came over to her house, the whole family had to shift to their neighbor’s house to accommodate the guests. Girja Devi ashamed of the situation.

Girja Devi had given up hope of ever having a decent home until Habitat for Humanity Nepal’s part­ner organization lent a helping hand and provided a house loan for the rehabilitation of her house. With the help of HFH Nepal, Girja Devi replaced her house’s roof with galvanized iron sheeting and reinforced the mud-plastered walls with more bamboo.

Gleaming with happiness, she says, “After the rehabilitation of the house, the children have their own study room and we have better accommodation for guests. The family now lives in a clean and hygienic environment. Thanks to for Humanity Nepal and its partner organization.”

HFH Nepal looks forward to working with even more partner families to provide decent shelter along with everlasting housing solutions. It is my great fortune to work with you to serve families through our hands, skills and hard work as part of our journey towards eliminating poverty housing and  homelessness from the Nepal.

Aruna Paul Simittrarachchi

Country Director

Habitat for Humanity- Nepal