Credit Card Form Gala 2015

Stay tuned for future family selections as we acquire property.  Here are the requirements for qualifying for a Habitat home.

To qualify for this Habitat project, your family income must be between these minimum and maximum levels*, based on the number of people in the family:

Family                      Minimum          Maximum

3                              $38,900**             $45,250

4                              $38,900**             $50,250

5                              $38,900**             $54,300

6***                        $38,900               $58,300

* The income ranges are based on 2014 HUD guidelines.

** Minimum income level is higher than HUD guidelines to ensure RVHFH homeowners have enough income to meet expected financial obligations and the certification requirements of local municipalities and funding sources for the homes.

*** Depending on family configuration, the 3 bedroom home may not be sufficient for a family of six. Housing rules prohibit an adult and a child or a boy and a girl from occupying the same bedroom.

Please review the complete family criteria