Our Mission

Seeking to put God’s love into action, Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope.

Our vision is a time when everyone in Hunterdon and Somerset counties has a decent place to live.

Habitat for Humanity International and Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity International is a non-profit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry with the goal of making decent, affordable housing available to every family worldwide. Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity (RVHFH) is committed to achieving that goal in Somerset and Hunterdon Counties.

Why Affordable Housing?

Affordable housing is one of the most pressing needs facing central New Jersey. According to the Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey,  fair-market rent for a modest two-bedroom apartment is $1654 in Somerset and Hunterdon counties. People earning minimum wage would need to work 3.8 full-time jobs to afford rent. As a result, they live in overcrowded, unsafe, and unhealthy conditions to make ends meet. They frequently move to find more affordable places to live, creating an unstable environment for their children. Affordable homes impact so many social determinants including:

Economic Security: Affordable housing increases the amount that families can put toward other important household needs and savings for the future.
Education: Quality affordable housing helps create a stable environment for children, contributing to improved educational outcomes.
Health: Affordable housing can improve health by providing stability, freeing up resources for food and health care and increasing access to amenities in quality neighborhoods.
Neighborhood Quality: Affordable housing contributes to significant economic impacts, including increases in local purchasing power, job creation and new tax revenues. Affordable housing has been shown to have a neutral or positive effect on surrounding property values.

The Habitat Program

RVHFH builds permanent affordable housing for low-income families by mobilizing a cooperative volunteer effort. RVHFH and community volunteers find the site, raise the funds, and select a family for each new home. The selected family works side-by-side with RVHFH and community volunteers on the construction of their new home. The family purchases the home upon completion with the help of a low interest, no down payment mortgage provided by Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity. Mortgage payments are recycled to fund the construction of more houses. To ensure the continued availability of affordable housing in the community, the deeds to the properties are restricted.

Who we serve

RVHFH works exclusively with low- and moderate-income families, those who earn 30-50% of area median income. In addition to meeting these income guidelines, families must show that they:

  • have a need for better housing
  • are willing to contribute their own labor towards the construction of their home
  • are legal residents
  • have a steady income

Families are selected for home ownership via a non-discriminatory process.