Youth Volunteers

Involving youth in the Habitat Mission…

Why the Age Restrictions?

Many people wonder why there is an age restriction for youth volunteers on the work site.  It’s important to note that this is a hard and fast policy implemented by Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI), incorporating US Child Labor Laws and above all, with a concern for safety.  According to HFHI, “In recognition of the federal labor laws regarding children and the potential risk to children’s safety on an affiliate construction site, HFHI policy states that no one under the age of 18 should be allowed on a construction site while construction is taking place.” Our affiliate takes safety very seriously, but we also realize that our youths are enthusiastic, capable, and committed, and for that reason, we have a list of opportunities for volunteers of all ages on this page.

Advocating and Fundraising

One of the best ways that our young and enthusiastic volunteers can give back is to advocate for RVHFH and for affordable housing. We believe that if our younger supporters better understand poverty, income disparities, housing costs, and how RVHFH helps people achieve the dream of homeownership, then they will become life long volunteers for Habitat for Humanity.  By learning about all of these issues, combined with understanding the mission of Habitat, young volunteers can communicate the need for affordable housing and advocate for the organization through fundraising and education events.

To participate in any of these activities, email Rebecca Maier at

High School Students

Habitat Youth: The Habitat Youth program includes students from high schools spanning Hunterdon and Somerset Counties who have joined together to advance the Habitat mission by helping to sponsor and build a Habitat house. Students from Bridgewater-Raritan, Hillsborough, Hunterdon Central, North Hunterdon, Immaculata, Watchung Hills, Montgomery and Somerville high schools, among others, have dedicated their time and efforts to helping Habitat build homes for hard-working families.  Students from each high school send representatives to meetings of the Habitat Youth Council, which coordinates build days, fundraising efforts, and awareness-building activities.  More high schools are welcome!

Volunteer Opportunities for Youth Women Build Helper (any age): This is a great project for a Scout Troop or Youth Group to provide food and beverages on Women Build Days. Volunteers are asked to provide either goodies for breakfast, a full lunch, or just dessert for a Women Build workday. Youth and their leaders make the fod or get donations from businesses and deliver to the work site on special Women Build Saturdays.  To get involved, contact our Women Build Coordinator, Linda Bradway.

Provide refreshments for a Site or Home Dedication Ceremony, special community celebrations for the dedication of a construction site and completed home.  To get involved, contact Rebecca Maier at