Volunteering FAQs

Volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization.

With a small staff, Raritan Valley Habitat for humanity (RVHFH) relies on volunteers to carry out a wide range of tasks, from construction to family support to public relations to accounting. No matter what your background, you may have a skill, hobby or interest that would be valuable to RVHFH!

Non-Construction Volunteer Information

We need your help in all areas of our work, please consider looking into some of the Non-Construction volunteer opportunities where you may be able to use your time, talent, and creativity in lots of different ways to help with the mission of affordable housing. Click here to find out more.

Construction Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear? What do I bring? And other information about your workday.
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When are construction days?
RVHFH builds on site with volunteers Tuesday through Saturdays all year round!  (Tuesdays & Fridays – Corporate Days) (Wednesday & Thursdays – Weekday Crew) (Saturdays  - Churches/Organizations/Habitat Youth/Women Build & Individuals: Adult or Youth)

What is the age requirement to build with Habitat?
You must be at least 16 years old to volunteer on a construction site and at least 18 to be on the roof or use power tools.  There are other ways to help Habitat if you are under the age of 16, get ideas here!

Do I need to register for a workday?
Yes. Only the Weekday Crew is able to come to the worksite without registering for each workday, but this is only after they have sent in their volunteer form and received instructions.  If you are not currently registered to participate in a build day, please click on the appropriate links above to get started.

If I cannot work on a site are there other ways for me to get involved?
Absolutely! Volunteers are always needed to help around the office, at the work sites, and to serve on our committees.  We have some very exciting and creative volunteer opportunities and we are always looking for ways to engage our talented supporters in opportunities to further the RVHFH mission and ultimately, provide more housing. To find out more, click here.

Do you have to be skilled to work on the construction sites?
No. Anyone who wants to help and is at least 16 years old can volunteer on site. Bring a lunch and a can-do attitude and we will provide the tools and a supervisor to teach you how to use them.

What makes a volunteer group?
A volunteer group is made up of 10 to 20 people who want to volunteer at the same site on the same day.  To find out how to sign up your group, click here

How can my church or faith community get involved?
Your congregation or faith community can volunteer, donate, and even sponsor a home!  Find out about our faith communities opportunities

How do I become a Habitat sponsor?
There are a variety of opportunities for you or your congregation or company to sponsor a Habitat home and make a difference!  Churches click here.  Corporations click here.

Groups: I’m giving my time, why do you want my money, too?
Each year, over thousands of volunteers work with Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity to help us build decent, affordable houses in partnership with the families that will live in them. We value each and every one or them, even if the volunteer has never held a hammer or a screwdriver. Volunteer labor is one very important way that we keep the cost of our houses to an absolute minimum. Without volunteers, we cannot get the job done. But volunteer labor is only one resource needed to keep the momentum of Habitat growing. It also takes money. Without money to buy materials and cover other costs, construction stops.

 Many construction volunteers are surprised, and sometimes offended, when we request a contribution. Unfortunately, some people feel that this request undervalues their volunteer service, or that using volunteers is simply a pretext for soliciting funds. Neither is true. We actively recruit volunteers because we need them. And we ask for money because we need that too. 

We ask because we need ever dollar we can raise, and the more money that we can raise, the more volunteers we can put to work on construction sites. We ask because if we do not, people tend to assume that we are not in need of their charitable contributions. So don’t be mad at us. We truly value your time and deeply appreciate whatever you are able to offer.