Corporate Groups

Businesses volunteering as a group

Corporate Sponsored Workday Program

Any corporate group that is currently interested in a build experience will be added to our wait list and contacted with any future opportunities. Please send your contact information including company, preference for time of year and how much notice you need to participate to Rebecca Maeir at rmaier@rvhabitat.

A Sponsored Workday provides an opportunity for your employees to work on site creates a rewarding, teambuilding experience. Your business sends 10 or 15 employees per day to work on site. Workdays may be scheduled for Tuesdays or Fridays. Check out our Volunteering FAQs for more information and Current Projects to find out where we are now.

In addition, your business receives a number of benefits, including:

  • Recognition on the RVHFH website, press releases, and at the home dedication.
  • Updates from RVHFH on the progress of construction from start to finish.

How to sign up for a Corporate Sponsored Workday?

Contact our Volunteer Manager at or (908) 704-0016 x18.