Church Partnerships

Building in Faith

Church partnerships are one of Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity’s (RVHFH) primary building blocks. When churches join with Habitat to build a house, the new homeowners are not the only ones who benefit. Church members who work together on a Habitat project often feel that they receive as much as – or even more than – they give.

RVHFH partners with individual churches to raise construction funds and solicit donations of materials and services for the projects. These churches also provide volunteers who work side-by-side with the partner family as they complete their sweat equity.


Church Partnership Programs

Why should your church become a Building in Faith partner?

  • Funding and building a Habitat house nurtures faith by putting it into action
  • Working together as Habitat volunteers strengthens relationships within your congregation
  • Each project offers an opportunity to minister to a local family in need
  • The funding and building of a Habitat house by a group of churches becomes a powerful Christian witness to those outside the church

How does a Build in Faith partnership work?

A partnering church makes a commitment to contribute funds, materials, and/or services.  Additionally, a church will provide volunteers with the opportunity to build on-site. Participating congregations will be invited to take part in the moving dedication ceremonies held when construction begins and when it is completed. In return, RVHFH provides and prepares the building site, selects the partner family, and manages the details of transferring ownership of the completed house. The organization also plans and schedules the building of the house, contracts building services and material providers, and provides the necessary financial and bookkeeping services. RVHFH will provide sponsorship information, speakers, and presentations as requested by each church.

How much does my congregation have to commit to the project?

Each church decides how much it can afford. We have had church partners who are able to commit to the entire build cost; others can commit to only a portion of that. Your congregation should make a commitment to contribute funds and/or materials and services, according to its own resources. Past groups have donated funds from their mission budget, scheduled special offerings, or organized fund-raising events for the project.

How can I get more information?

For information about Building in Faith Partnerships, email us at or call (908) 704-0016 x15 to talk with the volunteer manager.

To donate without a Building in Faith Partnership, complete the Faith-Based Group Form online.