Business Sponsorships

Simply put, home construction costs money. Typical expenses include:
– Land acquisition ($70,000-125,000)
– Site cleanup & infrastructure ($25,000-50,000)
– Construction 2011 estimate ($100,000)

All of these funds must be raised locally, and business sponsorship is welcome at any level.

Corporate Sponsored Workday Program

A Sponsored Workday provides an opportunity for your employees to work on site without the commitment of a home sponsorship. Your organization sends 10-20 employees per day to work on site, and provides minimum suggested funding of $100 per employee per day. Workdays may be scheduled for Tuesdays or Fridays. Check out our Volunteering FAQs for more information and Current Projects to find out where we are now.

A Sponsored Workday lets your workforce develop stronger teamwork skills while contributing to the community by helping to build a Habitat home.

In addition, your organization receives a number of benefits, including:

  • Recognition in the RVHFH Newsletter and Annual Report
  • Ongoing communication with RVHFH during construction

How does one book a Corporate Sponsored Workday?

Complete and send in the Corporate Sponsored Workday Form including a few dates that might work best for your group, and our volunteer manager will get in touch with you. Or, if you have additional questions, contact our volunteer manager at or (908) 704-0016 x17.

Habitat Home Sponsor Program for Corporations

Why should your organization sponsor a Habitat home?

  • Becoming a home sponsor gives your team a well-earned sense of pride and accomplishment as they see a home rise from the ground up
  • Working on-site promotes teamwork among diverse groups of employees
  • Sponsoring a home allows a large number of employees to get involved
  • Home sponsorship yields excellent publicity opportunities

All corporate sponsor levels will receive recognition in the RVHFH Annual Report, website, and newsletter. Each corporate sponsor level offers varying opportunities for Corporate Team Build Workdays and exposure within the community.

For details on various Corporate Sponsorship opportunities, please contact our Volunteer Manager.