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2017 Year End Appeal

Blessings Abound This Holiday Season!

Heather“After a long journey,
we’re making it on our own.

We’re happy and healthy, we’re
together…and we’re home.”

Dear Friend,

As I dress the holiday turkey and set our kitchen table, my heart is filled with gratitude for Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity and its supporters–caring people like you. Whether you’ve donated, volunteered, or cared about the work Habitat does, you’ve changed our lives.

You’ve kept my family together.

My Mom and Dad were young when they had children and struggled to gain a hold on life. I went to 13 different grade schools and would often be pulled out without warning. After my Dad had a debilitating farm accident and my Mom’s chronic illness took a turn for the worse, they just couldn’t care for us the way they wanted to. My younger sister and I moved in with friends, but I was really worried about my four-year-old brother.

To keep the family together, at age 18, I adopted my siblings and moved us into a friend’s house until I could find something more permanent. But when I searched for a placed to live, I found the best we could afford was to rent a one-bedroom apartment. I really wanted a home for us in a community with good schools, so my little brother could have the stability I always craved.

When I learned about the opportunity to purchase a home through Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity, I said, “I’m going for it!” I applied, and beyond my wildest dreams, I was selected!

I rolled up my sleeves and built my home with the help of a community that embraced me, guided me, and rooted for my success. I learned so much, and I’m so proud to say that my two hands helped build this home from the ground up.

Because of the affordable mortgage payments, my sister and I were able to finish college, and my brother was able to be a part of a strong community. We’re all working in careers that we love. Thanks to Raritan Valley Habitat and you, we created a better life.

This November marks 16 wonderful years that my sister, brother and I have lived as a family in our Habitat home. We’ve celebrated 16 Thanksgivings, 16 Christmases, our birthdays, graduations and so many other milestones. I write today to ask you to join me in making a gift to give others the amazing opportunity my family had to transform their lives.


Please give to Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity today. It’s so easy to help change lives-to give families a strong foundation. Imagine another family gathering around the dinner table on their first Thanksgiving in a new home that they built. It would be a celebration they’d never forget!

Thank you for believing in and caring for people like me. From my heart to yours—I wish you and your loved ones an abundance of blessings this holiday season!

Happy Holidays!

Proud Habitat Homeowner

P.S. When you give to Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity, you’ll support the building of three homes that are underway right now. Your gift will create lasting memories and bright futures for more homeowner families like mine!